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Some pictures...



Visual evidence!

Trees buried in powder

Powder (before we got to it)

Powder mid way thru - this is a photo of my feet but you can only see my knees

Nice fresh tracks

Happy people on a lift

Late afternoon tracks


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This Is How We Do

An Utah day in the life of J & A Pendleton

semi-overcast 3 °C
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We've been here for about a week now and have settled into a daily routine. And it goes a little something like this:

7.30am: alarm goes off. Head downstairs, I fix us a leisurely breakfast (please excuse the Americanism) - a combination/selection of blueberries/fresh melon/bananas/grapes/strawberries, porridge with soy milk, bacon and scrambled eggs, pancakes and maple syrup, granola and yoghurt - depending on how the mood takes us. We definitely need a hearty breakfast to set us up for the morning's riding. It's so nice to be able to sit down to breakfast together every day - not something we were able to do when we were working. Make up a packed lunch for us to take up to the mountain if it's a powder day - no point in wasting the day travelling back and forth!

8.30am: get kitted up in our snowboarding gear. I haven't yet given up my safety blanket of helmet, knee guards and (extra) bum padding so it takes me a bit longer to struggle into my 'outfit' than it does Jon. Get the boards etc out of the downstairs storage cupboard and load up the SUV (baby!).

9am: drive up to the resort, which takes about 10 minutes (or 20 if there's snow and ice on the roads) in time for the first lifts opening. Powder Mountain is an upside-down resort, meaning that the resort centre, slopeside accommodation and snowschool are at the highest point on the mountain. There is a regular free shuttle bus service that picks up skiiers/boarders who have skied off-piste to the bottom of the mountain and who wish to come back up to do it all over again.

9.30am: play around on the groomers (pistes) or in the powder in the backcountry (off-piste) if it has just snowed. Utah snow is legendary - super-light and plentiful. Powder Mountain receives an average of 500 inches of the stuff each year! There are ridiculously few people out on the slopes during the week and though the weekends see a few more pow-hunters, Powder Mountain is still very much a local's well-kept secret. There are 13 skiing resorts in Utah and the well-known ones are obviously the busiest, e.g. Park City, Snowbird/Alta. Not so Pow Mow; all the lifties are surprised to hear our Estuary/Home Counties accents and most have never met a European person before.

12.30pm: break for lunch - either a hot chocolate and sack (packed) lunch in the Powder Keg restaurant if it's snowing or we'll head back home to Moose Hollow for something filling. We save an incredible amount of money this way - lunch in the resort centre ends up costing about $20 each day, which is money we definitely need elsewhere.

1.30pm: back out on the lifts! Powder Mountain has (only) 7 lifts which access approximately 5500 acres of terrain -pretty immense! There are 124 groomed runs on the mountain so the majority of it is backcountry and ripe for exploring - a freerider's dream! It's so uncrowded and vast that it's pretty easy to find a route where you can make the first tracks down the slope, even if it hasn't snowed for a week or so. There is a catskiing service which allows you to access an additional 1500 acres of backcountry - although we haven't used this yet - and you can hike to the rest of the area. It's certainly making us fitter!

4pm: stop off for a well-deserved beer in the Powder Keg bar. There's live music at the weekend, everyone seems to know each other and they are very welcoming to us too, which is very sweet.

5.00pm: drive back home (very carefully and most definitely under the drink-driving limit, folks!) and unload the car. Attempt to dry out our wet snowboarding clothes.

5.30pm: shower. If we've pushed ourselves then we will treat ourselves to a jacuzzi/hot tub (which is located in our bedroom, no joke!)

6pm: admin stuff. Start preparing dinner. We've been eating really well since we've been here as the food here is ridiculously plentiful and incredibly cheap, presumably due to the low transportation costs (most of it is locally grown and gas/petrol is v cheap too).

7pm: eat, drink, be merry.

8pm: totally shattered by now. Still not quite over the 7hr jet lag yet, nor the work-induced sleep deprivation, but we're getting there. Probably read or watch TV for a bit - all the usual shows. The new series of 24, Heroes and Lost are on here which makes me very happy.

9pm: bed! Our virtually monastic lifestyle enables us to get up again in the morning ready to do it all over again!

I think you'll see that we're not quite true travellers just yet, but are enjoying every second of this home-away-from-home lifestyle nonetheless. The roughing-it will come soon enough, I'm sure!


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What cha know bout me?

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The snow (finally) came yesterday. We spent the day riding through a foot of fresh powder. It was immense. So much so that it seemed like we needed some bigger boards. Thanks to the lovely people at Nidecker, we now have what I believe are referred to in the local vernacular as 'all-mountain taming pow-slaying sticks of DOOM!' to test out (hint to people in snowboard shops - stop acting like your product is made of porcelain and let people have a go on it).

It's supposed to keep snowing until next Tuesday.

I am literally so excited I woke up four hours before the alarm.

Can we go yet?


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A Tale of Triumph Over Painful Scheduling and Brutal Jet-Lag

The story so far...

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So, we are now comfortably nestled in Moose Hollow condos in Eden, Utah.

The journey started slightly less comfortably due to us only getting 4 hours of sleep after the karaoke madness of the night before (thanks to everyone that made it out Saturday btw). Heathrow terminal 5 seemed to work exactly as advertised so no problems there, just an 8 hour flight to Denver. However once we got to Denver, with hangovers and sleep deprivation seriously kicking in, we had to settle down to a 6 hour layover with nothing to do except stare at the immensity of the Colorado plains, which were made even more hallucinogenic by our sleep-starved minds playing tricks with us. Eventually our 2-hour connecting flight to Salt Lake was called which we couldn't have been happier to get on. The other side was a real struggle due to a confluence of:

a) we'd only had 4 hours sleep in the last 40 hours
b) we had two large board bags, two large rucksacks and two small rucksacks to maneuver ($4 for a trolley? as if)
c) the hotel wasn't picking up the phone and didn't seem to be sending the airport shuttle that it was s'posed to

Eventually we got a taxi to the airport hotel with a friendly out-of-towner (who paid for it on his work expenses result!!) and fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.

The next morning we went and picked up the truck (which will get its own posting in the near future), spent a couple of hours aimlessly driving around SLC until we bought a TomTom, went to a massive Wal-Mart for supplies, picked up our stuff and drove north thru Ogden to Eden.

We now have a computer in the condo so are a little more contactable. Also there is a phone in the condo that we can receive calls on, let us know if you want the number.


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We Are Alive!

sunny 5 °C
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We are in sunny (but snowy) North Utah. Our condo is halfway between Eden and Paradise (no seriously, check the map). We have started the month's riding and are loving it already, especially as we can relax into it and take our time a bit more.

This is just a brief entry at a public computer before we get our laptop sorted in the next couple of days; rest assured more will follow. Plus photos!

Contact details...

We are both sharing Jon's mobile phone - number is the same as the UK. It's on most of the time at the moment but that won't be the case when we leave the US of A. Angi's mobile is not in use until we return to the UK. We can receive texts on my phone and can reply but calling costs us a fair bit so text is preferred pls.

We are both checking our individual gmail addresses and our shared one periodically.

N.B. Utah is on GMT -7h!

Hope you all are enjoying the snow, pls send it our way if there is any more...


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