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We're getting stuck.

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Hep A booster, Hep B (3 jabs over at least a month but probably should take longer and means we may need a booster in Oz), and Rabies (woof! 3 more jabs). And the latter is really expensive!

Ouch, and ouch again.

Angi is attempting to conquer her morbid fear of needles by dosing herself with codeine and liberally applying lidocaine topically over the presumed puncture site.

Lidocaine is typically used by nursing mothers with sore nipples, so it's clearly not strong enough to knock out a baby and so unlikely to work on Angi. It is especially rubbish when the nurse doesn't bother to inject inside of the lidocained-up area.

Jon is acting the hero and not making a fuss about the jabs.

We'll see who's the toughest if we end up getting Delhi Belly...

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Angi's top 10 list of natural wonders

Here is my list of natural sights that I'm pretty blinking excited to be seeing over the course of our trip. This one is roughly in order of preference...

1. Mount Everest at Everest Base Camp, Tibet - just awe-inspiring
2. Hopefully some kind of erupting or farting volcano, somewhere along the coast of South America - let's chase lava
3. The Salar de Uyuni (salt flats), Bolivia - hallucinogenic by all accounts!
4. Glaciers calving in Patagonia, Chile/Argentina - if we can get there in July
5. General Sherman, the largest giant redwood in the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park, California
6. The night sky in the Atacama Desert, Chile - the best place in the world to see the stars (Hollywood? Pah!)
7. The coral reefs around Indonesia (is this cheating because it's not in the animals section?)
8. The Amazon rainforest - the lungs of the world
9. The Blue Hole (technical dive site), Belize - amazing from the inside-out
10. The Grand Canyon, Arizona - you know, the big crack

I hope we'll tick all of these off our list.....

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Jon's top 10 man made wonders

In no particular order...................

1. Easter Island statues
2. Nazca Lines
3. Angkor Wat
4. Macchu Picchu
5. Tikal
6. Great Wall of China
7. Terracotta Army
8. Taj Mahal
9. Borubudur
10. Sydney Opera House


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Angi's top 10 list of animals

This is my top 14 list of animals that I am EXCITED about seeing. Top 10 just wasn't enough!!

Not sure of the particular order of preference yet, but I aim to tick off every animal on this list by April.

1) Giant pandas, China
2) Orang Utans, Malaysia/Indonesia
3) Seahorses, Indonesia
4) Blue footed boobies, Galapagos
5) Jaguars, Belize
6) Komodo dragons, Indonesia
7) Hammerhead sharks, Galapagos
8) Koalas, Australia
9) Frigate birds, Galapagos
10) Kangaroos, Australia
11) Platypus(es), Australia
12) Proboscis monkeys, Malaysia
13) Pink river dolphins, Bolivia
14) Snow monkeys in hot baths, Japan

This is the list of animals that I would like to avoid seeing or otherwise coming into contact with whatsoever:

1) Tarantulas
2) Any kind of spider whatsoever, actually
3) Leeches
4) Cockroaches
5) Fundamentalists

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Our email address

We'll be checking this periodically

Please contact us on: pendleton [dot] odyssey [at] gmail [dot] com

Hope to hear from you soon!

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