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February 2009

Almost Out Of Eden


Our time here is drawing to a close. We haven't done a huge amount of riding this week as unfortunately there hasn't been any snow for about 10 days (we blame the Smolen for bringing rain with him). We had about 6 inches land on Thursday night so we had most of a full day yesterday, hanging with the Monopallooza crowd.

No, it's not a load of people with glandular fever, they are actually monoskiers.

UPDATE: we've hit the mountain for the last time. The last run has been ran. The last jump jumped. The last skier has cut me up. Sad but true. We get the train tomorrow for San Francisco. Exciting!

Quick note on the beers of Utah: they are very very good. Despite the fact that you can't just walk into a bar and get a drink (true; you have to be a member of a 'private members club'), and despite the fact that the only things they seem to export are Bud, Rolling Rock and Corrs, there are some fantastic beers here. We've sampled a wide selection, and hopefully will fit a few more in tomorrow as we wait for the train.

The selection (OK, the middle one is from Mississippi)


The funniest of the lot: Polygamy Porter "Why Have Just One", also "Bring Some Home For The Wives". Tastes a bit like you could make roads out of it, but worth a chuckle anyway


Our internet access will become a bit more sporadic from now on but hopefully we'll have a bit more to say for ourselves when we do post!

Lastly, we have made the first change to our itinerary. We're now going to fly from Miami to Guatemala on March 30th, then go to Spanish school for 3 wks in Antigua in Guatemala (including over Easter which looks like it should be quite bonkers). Then we are going to overland to Belize, spend a couple of weeks there and then head up to Mexico to (hopefully) meet up with the lovely Daisy and Stu.

I'll have a go at updating the itinerary at some point........



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Shrove Tuesday, Eden style

Lazy day yesterday. Bit tired post-Smolen long days. Plus it was rubbish weather (sun AND rain) so we took the day off, mostly sorting out planning for the next couple legs of the trip.

In the afternoon we went down to the Ogden Dinosaur Park, which was a bit like Jurassic Park only without the thrills

Lots more photos of us goofing around with dinosaurs in the gallery.

Then we had pancakes later. Total count was 3 ham/cheese/tomato, 2 peanut butter & jelly, 2 lime & maple syrup, 3 lemon/lime and sugar, 1 blueberry & maple. Felt quite uncomfortable afterwards. Stayed up to watch The Matrix (again), just because we could!

If anybody is wondering, we are going to give up snowboarding for Lent, just with a slightly delayed start


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Way Down With The Smole

a.k.a. The Guy With The Tie


Sir Peter of Smolen has been staying with us over the weekend. We had some good riding (except sans new snow which was a shame), and even found some nightlife in Eden! We spent friday night teaching the people at the local tex mex cantina how to make mojitos, pimms and cheladas (spicy beer... nicer than it sounds). No job offers yet, sadly.

Despite it being glorious bluebird weather for 2 of the 4 days Pete was here we've only seemed to get one photo of us all together today (in the RAIN!) so here it is

Last night we went to the very gracious Dana and John's for dinner and had the most astoundingly good ribs to eat. I ate until I was almost in a coma. They have also very kindly invited us to the Monopalooza team dinner on Friday. [N.B. it's about monoskiing, not magnets]. And told us about loads of great foodie places in California - always a sure way to our hearts.

This is the last week that we are at Powder so we need to hit it really. We'll be very sad to leave here, everyone is so friendly. But we are excited about hitting the road!


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Well, the weather outside is frightful

But the hot tub is real delightful


OK, so when there's a severe weather warning here we have to learn to respect it.


I braved the conditions as I wanted to test the new board. The road to the mountain had been closed earlier due to an accident, and going up really put the 4wd to the limit. Any worse and we'd have needed snow chains as well. Once I got up to the top it was insane. Blizzards closing in on the car bringing visibility down to absolute zero (I had to stop the car a couple times because I just couldn't see anything). No other riders that I could see, just a few crazy ski folk on the slopes. Half speed lifts. Almost two foot of powder on the pistes; something more like three feet at the side. It took me about ten minutes to walk/crawl 100 yards!

The board seems cool but it was more like surfing than anything else. Three runs later I was completely destroyed and scurried home with my tail soundly between my legs. Phew!

This is me calving icebergs off the truck (with my new ride!)


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Super Furry Animals


We are back from south Salt Lake having spent an... interesting weekend with the crazy but very hospitable Carey and Dan

their two cats (sample cat)

and their two crazy pugs

Riding-wise we tried out Solitude (icy) and Snowbird (crowded and miserable conditions). Neither of the other resorts blew us away so we were quite pleased to get back to quiet, peaceful Pow Mow.

And, finally, the grand snowboard quest is over! We have both taken the plunge and gone with ninja new Never Summer boards that are supposed to be the mutts nuts. Mine is ready to shred and Angi's should be with us in a day or so.

Happily it's snowed another foot overnight (and probably another couple of inches or so in the hour since we got up) so i'm off out to test it, hurrah!


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